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Sullivan Hardware and Garden Videos

Pat Sullivan at Indy EggFest2010 Indy EggFest - 2:59

If you missed Indy EggFest, then you're in luck! Here's a short video from the event.

How to Cook a Trashcan Turkey

Trashcan Turkey - 6:47

Pat Sullivan shows you how to make a
Trashcan Turkey right in your own backyard!

How to Shape an Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Shape an Artificial Tree - 6:58

Pat Sullivan and "Tree-Shaper" Ann show you how to get your artificial Christmas tree ready for the holidays!

TurkeyFest at Sullivan Hardware & Garden

TurkeyFest - 2:52

Denny Smith and Amber Stearns from 93FM WIBC sing about TurkeyFest at Sullivan Hardware & Garden on 71st & Keystone.

Wildflowers Commercial

Wildflowers Commercial - :31

Pat Sullivan highlights just a few of the items available at Wildflowers at Sullivan's, including Christmas gifts, ornaments, collectibles and accents like Byers Choice Carolers, Bean Pod candles & Willow Tree.

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